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The Zero Waste Company

The Zero Waste Company is an independent café and sustainable-living shop in the heart of Tunbridge Wells; home of Trippy Panther’s CEO, Danijela Colic.  Occupying a prime spot in The Pantiles, the Zero Waste Company has become a favourite for locals.  Best friends Charlotte Bowyer and Holly Watson first opened their doors in November 2019 with the desire to foster a community who come together and “shop smartly, ethically and locally”.  Priding themselves on no “unnecessary packaging”, Charlotte and Holly have set up a beautiful place where friends, colleagues and families can meet to enjoy freshly made food and then return home with household essentials.

As much as possible, The Zero Waste Company uses local suppliers and producers for fresh goods and all dried goods are bought in bulk in order to reduce deliveries and therefore carbon emissions.  Every one of their cosmetic and household products are cruelty free and you’ll be hard-pushed to find plastic packaging on the shelves!

Holly and Charlotte live and breathe the zero-waste life and are passionate about saving the planet by making small changes to our habits.  At Trippy Panther, we love everything these girls stand for and we’re excited to creatively collaborate to help make the world a more ethical and sustainable place.