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The Hemp Trading Company

Leading the way in ethical streetwear, The Hemp Trading Company (THTC) is an award-winning producer of hemp T-shirts.  Utilising Global Organic Textile Standard certified hemp, the plant is sustainably grown using techniques that are both organic and traditional, in places where hemp has never been banned.  THTC’s T-shirts (and Trippy Panther’s through our collaboration) are created by close partners of THTC in a family-run business in Asia.  Every worker in this business is paid a living wage and works in ‘decent and dignified workplaces’.

Trippy Panther chose to collaborate with THTC because, since 1999, they have worked tirelessly to ensure they know where their garments originate from and their production cycle. This way, the THTC prides itself on ‘not [being] a part of the fashion industry’s big problem’. Hemp clothing is more durable than clothing made with cotton, giving it a longer life.

THTC’s ethical streetwear is a real asset to the Trippy Panther way of life and we’re stoked to collaborate with them!